Seeding the Field Changing the World - (1)

Gaia says there need to be more of us – wild nature and people – in authentic communion, working to make the world safe and nourishing for all life.

I agree.

That’s why after 7 years of teaching and writing I’m co-creating the EcoSentience Institute with Gaia and our wild kin.


Our mission is to restore life-nourishing dynamic balance for the beings left, and those yet to come.


The institute’s specific role is to catalyze and support a shift in our collective consciousness from the current wobbly fear/hate – hope balance to a collective consciousness grounded in equity, authenticity, and wise compassion.


\ee-koh\ \sen-shuh ns\



(proper noun)


A place both virtual and actual where I teach the unconventional wisdom nature shares with me to people who yearn to deepen their relationship with the fierce, sacred, wild.

People, like you, who are trying to find their unique place in the Great Turning and discern what’s best to do for themselves, their communities, our living planet.

People whose hearts are telling them to become equity and compassion warriors, community builders, leaders, teachers, trail breakers, and ground truthers.

Helping you discover true communion with the wild impermanence that is this planet, solar system, and beyond will connect you with a limitless source of freedom and empowerment. It will also add another life-infused heart/mind to our collective consciousness.

Mission accomplished.

Are you ready to take your place in this powerful moment of personal and planetary evolution?


Say yes.
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Feel yourself that much closer to changing the world.


\ee-koh\ \sen-shuh ns\

nature consciousness



The belief that all of nature is both conscious and self-aware, and has the same rights we claim as humans.

The innate ability of every person to be in communion with the natural world.

Making choices and taking actions contributing to co-creating a life-affirming collective consciousness.

Thinking, feeling, acting as if you are nature.

My writings...

rise from the fertile confluence of my woman nature meeting wild nature. They burn through the critical voice fog of social conditioning, irreverently poking ideas and fearlessly turning over all those stones things are said to be set in – despite the possibility of slithery lurkers.

They are teachings, encouragement, informative, insightful, occasionally raw, often (and this surprises me every time) beautiful.

The comments I hear most often are things like, “Thank you for saying this out loud! I feel it too, but didn’t know how to talk about it.” and “Wow! That’s a helpful new perspective.”

Click the big raspberry-colored button to see for yourself. I’d love to hear what you think.

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"One day, the earth under her belly seemed to whisper. It had always thrummed, like her own heart, but this new sound seemed almost like a ……. word?"

How do you feel about receiving passionate love notes from the great wild world?


Meet the Faculty

Beings with leaves, trunks, flowers…

Beings with leaves, trunks, flowers…

Mineral, liquid, elemental beings…

Mineral, liquid, elemental beings…

Beings with fur, feathers, tentacles, exoskeletons…

Beings with fur, feathers, tentacles, exoskeletons…


And me. Tracie Nichols, M.A., IAC. Wild, fierce, sacred, woman…

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