Welcome Magical, Extraordinary, Woman

If living with wild magic, fierce joy, and deep sacredness intrigue you…you’re in the right place.

http://www.rkaink.comIf your heart breaks when you’re exhausted…dismantled…stopped by life-is-so-hard chaos…you’re definitely in the right place. (I so know how that feels.)

If being magical, extraordinary, and ALIVE just make you want to grin wildly — make sassy art, write voluptuous words, spark deep healing, provoke, catalyze, do a little paradigm-shifting…you’re absolutely in the right place. (Group ROAR anyone?)

What a blessing to have your extraordinary self here where magic happens.

Women flourish here.

Women like Rachael who says, “Over the course of my sessions with Tracie and the Fierce Words poem she created for me, I feel like I have begun to open to alchemy, mystery, and the miracle of energy work — much like a flower. The more I surrender to Tracie’s intuitive, healing work, the more I am rewarded in all ways. I am gently moving through pain and grief and living into joy and serendipity at the same time. Thank you, Tracie! Every day I am wildly, fiercely flourishing more and more!” Rachael Kay Albers, RKA, Ink.

We flourish because the alchemy of woman + green world happens here.

We thrive and grow. We find trust and power. We slip into our intuition and wear it like the second skin it is. We flow into self-love and compassion. We take stands. We are ourselves. WE ARE MAGNIFICENT. And we own it.

That’s what happens here. That’s what I help women do. As an Alchemist, I gather the raw materials of your doubts, questions, experiences, yearnings, fears, desires — heat them in the crucible of my intuition, experience, unique wisdom — and make a golden mirror so you can see your magic…and then live it.

The path starts here …  Alchemy starts here | TracieNichols.com

though it could also start here …  Alchemy starts here, too | TracieNichols.com

or with a breath of fresh air here … Breath of Fresh Air Conversations | TracieNichols.comA gift of 15 focused minutes of intuition, deep listening and a sparkle of alchemy. You’ll see yourself more clearly. And, you’ll have a plan for how we’re working together, or, if mine isn’t the right magic, ideas for how to find what’s calling you.

Schedule your Breath of Fresh Air Conversation with me. My gift to you. It’s 15 minutes you’ll never regret.

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