Welcome home…

You and I are part of something so beautiful and powerful it regularly takes people’s breath away.

That “thing” is wild nature and it’s our 13 billion year old birthright.

A long time ago people started believing the myth that we are separate from our nature kin. A species alone. But our longing to belong has become a source of suffering, fostering things like violence, depression, stress, and addictions. The idea that we’re separate is so entrenched in our consciousness it almost feels like an unshakable truth. But it’s not.

Hey there! I’m Tracie Nichols, a contemporary alchemist and teacher. In partnership with wild nature, I facilitate classes and craft essences tuned to helping restore people and nature to a mutually loving, mutually nourishing relationship.

Together, we can shatter the myth that we are separate from wild nature, changing our longing to belonging, and find our way out of suffering.

Ecosystem Essences | TracieNichols.com

I’ve spent the last decade partnering with the earth, experimenting with ways to help us break free of the myth of separation. We’ve tried everything from hands on healing, to various classes and intuitive readings, to mentoring.

We came to realize that at least one of the solutions we offered needed to be something easy to use and easy to get in the hands of lots of people. Something portable and potent. And, ta-da! Ecosystem Essences and their fragrant friends Ecosystem Mists.

“Do you realize how powerful your essences are? They’re truth-makers. They make it so we can see the truth.” Janet Roper, Talk2TheAnimals

Ecosystem Mists are made from essential oils; fragrant extracts of trees, flowers, herbs, grasses, fruits and more woven into scented communities of support. Their scent-ual magic is skilled at fragrantly loving you into new ways of thinking and being.

Ecosystem Essences are spring water infused with the vibration, the soul energy, of trees, plants, stones, waters, lunar phases and more. Unlike essential oils, ecosystem essences have no scent. What they do have is presence.

The Ecosystem Essence and Mist offerings are a bridge between people and nature helping wild beings and human beings alike to move from longing to belonging.

What is your heart being called to do? (Click on the images to meet the essences and mists who support each mission.)










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