Nature calls us into our wisdom and leadership.

Democracy … Leadership … Rights of Nature

These have been on my mind.

There’s an election coming in this country. There’s unrest globally – among people and with weather and other natural patterns.

Now is when a sacred partnership with nature shows it’s power.

A sacred partnership with nature calls us into our most mature, intentional selves. It calls us into our wisdom and leadership. It calls us into a conversation with our human and more-than-human kin.

With everything happening in the world, we are being called to have that bigger conversation.

Each of us is invited to be listening, speaking, and acting from our unique wisdom and leadership.

We need to be considering the voice of the earth in our dialogues.

In her 2004 book The Open Space of Democracy, Terry Tempest Williams said:

“In the future, brave man and women will write a Declaration of Interdependence that will be read and honored alongside the Declaration of Independence: proof of our evolution, revolution of our own growth and understanding.
The open space of democracy provides justice for all living things — plants, animals, rocks, and rivers, as well as human beings.”

Would you be willing to have that conversation? Would you be willing to step into your leadership and start one?

Ecuador and New Zealand have had it.

In 2008 Ecuador wrote a new constitution that grants the rights of personhood to their ecosystem. Just this month New Zealand did the same with their 3rd largest river.

One of the starting points for steps this big? A small town in Pennsylvania granting rights to their ecosystem in a city ordinance.

Leadership can have a different face than the one we see the most of these days. Democracy a deeper, more thoughtful voice.

And we can realize, and act on, the idea that the rights of nature are indeed those we claim for ourselves.

How do you want to lead?