Daily Gaia Wisdom

Air: How does it feel to always have yourself in contact with the ground…to feel so anchored – so heavy?
Me: (sudden memory of weightless – formless – existence) Yes, there is a sense of struggle, sometimes, to be limited to this form, and to the movement allowed by the physical structure.  Yet the sensations available – the sense of warmth, the touch of anything – wind or water – or other human or creature beings – it is unlike anything else and it brings great beauty and joy. It allows for a sense of striving and a sense of reaching beyond ones physical constraints into an expanded state of being.  To feel the breath move in my body – to have acute physical sensations – this adds to the beauty of my experience as a light being.  Also, I know separateness…with love.  Love comes with ease in a formless state.  In a formed state – as a being physically separate from other beings – finding unconditional love and sharing that in all of it’s power with another separate being or beings – this is knowing and appreciating love in a much deeper way.

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