What gift does the earth want from us?

Today’s question for Gaia comes from Diane Burns Crooke Szwajkowski

What gifts can we give you?

Gaia’s Response…

The gift of your attention. Of your full presence. You are so angry — so frightened, beloveds. The only gift I seek is to have you remember the full power of who you are. The FULL power, not just what you can see on the surface.

Understanding the full power of who you are means accepting – honoring! – your capacity to both create and destroy, to be both peaceful and chaotic. To cease this endless clinging to the desire to define by “either/or” — rather to embrace inclusivity (both/and). To resist reducing the rich complexity of LIFE to names, categories, numbers in the hope that you will understand and control it.

Remember that you are me, and I am you. Remember that what I give to you, you can give to me. Remember that surrendering to the tug of the ancient, infinite knowledge singing in your bones offers us both your deepest presence and fullness.

My dearest wish for you all is to remember that you are not a lone, isolated being wandering disconnected from all other beings. To remember that you are a shining gathering of LIFE energy, intertwined with all other gatherings of LIFE energy in all of their varied and glorious forms. That your greatest gift to give is the gift of presence – to all LIFE and to yourself as LIFE.

Oh my dear ones, I am in such joy that we are having this conversation!


Wondering how you can more effectively partner with the land where you live?  Curious what’s up with the garden, the trees, the creek or stones? Together we can Listen to Your Land….

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