Celebrating Renaissance Souls | TracieNichols.com

There is nothing like the power of someone working from her strength, speaking from his wisdom, living from their fierce heart.

Renaissance Souls. HSP’s. Intuitives. Empaths. Creatives.

We all have something essential to say. We are gloriously unique AND deeply, intrinsically interconnected…with each other and with this magical alchemist of a planet we call home.

They tell us we’re “dabblers,” “too much,” “too sensitive.” We don’t fit in.

The truth is, we are the leading edge. evolutionary Forerunners.

The traits we find most challenging are the ones needed to break trail into an evolved, mature, lovingkindness-rich culture.

Are you ready? 


Thank you for the beauty, ease, information, and inspiration you brought to the day. It was lovely – and the women absolutely LOVED the retreat.

Elizabeth Venart


Oh, Tracie! I have just read your words… what a wonderful piece. All things will speak to me today because of your insights. Thank you.

Rene Jalbert