Sensitive. Curious about everything. Lovers of solitude. Being this way makes us valuable to employers and our communities. Really.

And yet…have you ever been described this way? Too sensitive. Too easily distracted or overwhelmed. Too complicated or emotional. Just too…much.

Me too. And, it makes me smile, because I recognize it now as my gift, and my way of contributing to the world.

But it can take time to shift from the uncomfortable feeling of not fitting in to the smile of belonging, clarity, and confidence. 

If you’re anywhere between the discomfort and the smile, this site is for you.

Here’s how I can help. 

Thank you for the beauty, ease, information, and inspiration you brought to the day. It was lovely – and the women absolutely LOVED the retreat.

Elizabeth Venart

“Tracie, the way you guided us through this whole process of transformation was amazing. We got to see what limits us, our strengths, to witness each other in the process, to connect with nature, to really feel things in our bodies and then to create a workable plan of actions to take immediately.

I see myself with the strength and tools to be successful in my desire to teach and mentor others.”

Maryann T.