Sensitive. Curious about everything. Lovers of solitude. Being this way makes us valuable to employers and our communities. Really.

And yet…have you ever been described this way? Too sensitive. Too easily distracted or overwhelmed. Too complicated or emotional. Just too…much.

Me too. And, it makes me smile, because I recognize it now as my gift, and my way of contributing to the world.

But it can take time to shift from the uncomfortable feeling of not fitting in to the smile of belonging, clarity, and confidence. 

If you’re anywhere between the discomfort and the smile, this site is for you.

Here’s how I can help. 

Tracie’s insight, resourcefulness, compassion, and intuitive ability to meet people where they are and help them envision and move towards where they want to be make her an excellent coach. Plus, she’s just a super cool person to be around 😊. 

Marissa Polselli, Wordtree, LLC

An excellent coach…

I have to say….I’ve worked with Tracie Nichols and it is an amazing, productive and profound journey. I recommend her highly!!!

Tracy Povey McGovern, Essential Connections

Productive and profound…