Woman & Wild

My writing explores our mother tongue.

We and our wild kin share a language of body and senses. A common vocabulary crossing cultural, geographic, even species boundaries formed from layers of gesture, pressure, vibration, sound (both detectable and undetectable by human ears) and intuitive perceptions.

It is both ancient and evolving, this language.

Through transcribing and sharing what I sense, long lost kin rediscover each other. We kindle curiosity, peer into hugely expanded definitions of “life,” “alive,” and “consciousness,” and re-weave the rent fabric of LIFE.

Welcome home, my friends. Welcome home.



“2 years ago Tracie Nichols wrote this lovely poem about me. So much has transformed in me that I feel the words deep in my bones.”

Kim Larocque

“The poem that you wrote for me 2 1/2 years ago is still on my computer desk top.
It reminds me every morning, of a truth of who I am. When I take the time and breathe into it, the poem is a talisman.”

Sue O’Kieffe