1:1 Coaching

Custom 1:1 Business Coaching

I offer extended 1:1 coaching for when …

  • you’re drowning in a tsunami of emotions from our aching world and finding it harder and harder to be there for your clients or your business.
  • you feel like you’ve fallen out of love with your business.
  • you keep collecting bright shiny possibilities and nothing’s getting done.
  • your critical voices are driving the bus …
  • you know you and your beautiful business need help growing … but your gut knows the “X Steps to Raving Success” models fit like a crappy bra.

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The Bridge

Two months of business foundations coaching for students or recently certified/licensed practitioners bridging you from “Yay!” (I’m a practitioner) through “Yikes!” (I’m a business :O) to “Yes!” (I’ve got this.)


One Burning Question

A single deep dive coaching session moving you through the obstacle of your question into a clear plan you can confidently act on.