Being comfortable being yourself

Breathing…drinking tea…looking out my kitchen window…observing a cardinal in an oak tree.  Brilliant scarlet feathers glow against the soft browns, tans, greens and grays of this winter landscape.

He is so apparent.  His presence is so strong, so fiery and unapologetic. He preens and settles more firmly in place. I imagine him comfortable in his visibility.

This morning the cardinal is a reminder. As many of us are in these changing times, I’m being nudged to be more apparent, more unapologetic, more comfortable in my visibility being exactly who I am, whole and clear.

Discovering that my work requires me to be visible – and very unapologetic about that visibility – after being quietly shy for most of my life, takes some getting used to.

I appreciate the brilliant example of my brazen, scarlet friend. When I’m tempted to disappear I’ll remember that cardinal in the oak tree, and settle myself more firmly in place, getting stronger and more comfortable in my visibility.

What about you? Are you comfortable being visible as your whole, clear, self? If not, what supportive resources can you find? Is there a cardinal in your neighborhood?

4 Replies to “Being comfortable being yourself”

  1. Six years into a new career and a new community, I am beginning to feel comfortable in what has become for me a new identity. I’m taking on some ambitious projects that stir a little anxiety, but, inspired by your cardinal, I’m finding I can truly be more comfortable with being my self – and with taking a lead role. Leadership, I’ve learned, is not so much about power or decision-making, but more about communicating a collective vision. I’m feeling less of an outsider and more like a part of my amazing local environment and community, resonating with the surreal landscape and the cultural diversity, and discovering challenging opportunities that lead me to draw upon my experience and apply my theories and knowledge. Focusing on what that collective vision might be about and discovering one’s role in sharing it is like being a bright red cardinal preening on bare branch in winter.


    1. Yes! I love that definition of leadership — communicating a collective vision — and how you are feeling more comfortable with your new identity by becoming more embedded in your local community. Thanks for your thoughtful words here Brother Ken!


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