Aromatherapy to the rescue!

Scent has a very direct and rapid effect on your body, emotions, memory, mood, stress levels, and your energy body. I’ve practiced aromatherapy for over 20 years and seen how quickly essential oils can help people shift.

You can use this to help you create changes in self perception, beliefs, and things like chronic anxiety or worry…

You can use it to get more comfortable in your skin — or to climb back into your skin if you’ve drifted away.

You can use it to deepen your awareness of your intuition or psychic abilities.

You can use it to provoke communion with the spirit of plant allies and, from there, nourish your connection and relationship with nature.

The best part? It’s incredibly simple. To experience the full range of nervous system and energetic responses to scent all you need to do is….inhale a fragrance.

Some definitions:

Fragrance/Scent = anything with an odor you can detect. It can be the scent of rain, snow, the desert, coffee, chamomile tea, your dog, your horse, a flower, an herb, a fruit… Yes, it can be a man-made scent (most perfumes and commercially made bodycare or home fragrance products are manufactured scents) but I’d encourage you to find a nature-made scent. I guarantee your body and soul will respond with joy. I’m biased toward scents found in nature, experienced either first-hand (ie: standing in a white pine grove inhaling their resinous essence) or through essential oils.

Inhalation = taking air and scent molecules into your body through the respiratory system – specifically the nose. If you are breathing through your mouth, you will lose much of the effect.

Here’s what I suggest:

Know what you’d like scent to help you with. (For example, I’d like to disrupt my tendency to drift off out of my body while writing.)

Choose your scent ally by how it makes you feel. There are plenty of places that will tell you how a scent should make you respond — but remember you’re looking for your own unique response here. (I know that peppermint makes me feel like I’m grounded, awake, present, and calm.)

Decide if you need to use your scent ally in the moment or as part of a visualization or meditation process. (I use peppermint in the moment to call myself back to my body and my focus.)

Dive in and do it! Oh – and try not to make it impossible. If you choose the scent of snow to help you find your natural sleep rhythm and it’s not snowy or you don’t want to sleep outside in the snow, then you’ve set up an impossible situation. Not a good idea….

An example from my life…

I wanted to believe that I was courageous enough to speak confidently in public. I chose Rosewood essential oil as my ally because its scent made me feel like my heart was smiling, my mind was sharp, I was relaxed and present, and I just glowed with joy and warmth.

Each morning for about 3 weeks I visualized myself speaking in front of a large crowd — feeling comfortable, happy, successful — while inhaling the Rosewood scent. The critical voices, doubts, fears that usually nattered at me and destroyed my confidence got lost in the Rosewood forest, and eventually receded enough that I confidently speak in public now.


A little encouragement from some scented plant allies…

They say they want to give you an idea of the kinds of support you can find when you consciously invite scent in.

Mandarin ~ “All I know and am is light. Light shining through darkness. Light igniting truth. Light kissing your face and seeing your beauty, dearest one.”

Rosewood~ “My roots are strong, my trunk is sturdy, I thrive and grow and dance in the wind. I can teach you how…”

Palma Rosa ~ “I am part of an endless community, always supported, never alone. This is what I wish for you. This is what I share with you.”

Thyme ~ “When the challenges which can accompany transformation and evolutionary shift loom large, or come more quickly than you feel like you can handle, I reach my hot, fortifying essence into your whole self, supporting and sustaining you in your lives.”

Juniper Berry ~ “I am especially helpful for those moments in life when toxic thinking has become a circular, repetitive, hamster-wheel experience, distracting your attention from making real life changes. Inviting me into your life is like hiring a personal trainer and nutrition coach for the soul. Motivating and cleansing while also supportive and de-stressing I am a true companion for active transformation.”

Cypress ~ “Our gifts are many, dear human friends. We are trees who can grow in places where other trees fail to grow, in environments where even humans find it hard to thrive. We are resilient, long lived, full of deep and ancient knowledge which we share through our essence, our aromatic self. When you need to stand strong, even if the ground you stand on is not hospitable, inhale our aroma. We invite you to know your own resilient strength and fortitude.”

So how will you use scent to stay in your body so you can stay connected with your fierce? I’d love to hear your stories!


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