Sacred Practice…Sacred Woman

The rebirth of the light is coming. Even without a calendar, I’d know.

My body is slowing down. I’m sinking into the soil, burrowing deeper with every sunset. Curling inward. Waiting… Waiting…

The celebration of my own birth is also coming. A bookmark in the passage of time commemorating my rebirth into another turning of the wheel.

The confluence of Solstice and birth day make this season especially poignant and powerful for me. Especially sacred.

I’m navigating winter’s waters, following the knowing currents of my body inward. Curling around the seeds my heart chose to keep through autumn’s clearing. Settling them deep in the fertile ground of my belly. Watching them drift into the silt of my spirit and take hold.

This time of year I consciously rebirth believing in my own sacredness; a sacred ritual, done by a woman as sacred as the earth. As sacred as all things, seen and unseen.

My birth day has become hallowed. I’m not marking the passage of time, I’m reverencing the day I coalesced myself into this form, in this life, as a sacred woman.

Did you know that to be sacred is to be “highly valued and important, deserving great respect, entitled to reverence and respect?”

That’s the innate state of grace we each occupy entering this world.

Easy to understand how we can stop believing we are sacred when we are disrespected or not valued. When we are deliberately abused with fists or words. Especially when it happens repeatedly, or pours out of the people we trust as loved ones.

That’s when sacredness becomes something alien. Unreachable. Outside. Because (ironic tone) someone who is entitled to reverence and respect wouldn’t ever be treated that way, right?

So, to keep sacredness in my reach, I choose to re-welcome my sacredness by being exquisitely present to it — to myself — this time each year.

I let the “how” emerge organically. Sometimes I meditate, sometimes daydream, sometimes walk in a forest or through a labyrinth. I write poetry, doodle, sing loudly… Always conscious that I am sacred in everything I am or do. Wearing the groove of that belief deeper, making it indelible. Making it impossible for anyone to shatter or erase it ever again.

It feels life affirming — and delicious!

If you don’t yet feel your sacredness, start by sitting quietly and breathing deeply. Feel your heartbeat, that sound/sensation that helps us know we are alive.

Say, “I AM SACRED.” aloud. Notice how your body responds. Say it again…and again… as you continue to breath and notice.  Stop when “I AM SACRED.” feels natural to say.

Repeat as often as you’d like. Why not? It feels wonderful!


3 Replies to “Sacred Practice…Sacred Woman”

  1. Love it, love it, love it. I picture your sacred words flowing like ocean waves. I wonder how many people are touched by your kindness, by your reminders to value our precious selves? I love the mystery of not knowing…but yet knowing.


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