It’s the fire, you know: A Stone & Bone Stories poem

This poem sang into my soul as affirmation after days of wrenching wrestling between my heart and my head.

My head is frightened that investing my whole being into bringing these earthsongs to life will mean poverty and ruin. My heart believes in their beauty and worth.

So heart and head have found common ground and a shared freedom in fierceness and love. I understand the practical and the magical sides of fierceness and love. And this relationship with Gaia — with her effervescent life energy — feeds my ability to be fierce and loving as I tend vegetables or advocate for my children…and as I hold open my arms and my heart serving abused women who are learning their own fierceness and love.

As the poem says…I offer this sacred breath of prayer to you. We offer this stream of words so all women (and men) can feel it ringing in their soul and understand that this, this exquisite connection is birthright to you all.


It’s the fire you know.

That’s what makes it work.

She infuses me with it

her molten, moving, creation flow

And I, I pour it out on paper or screen

Make words out of her lifeblood

Telling the stories that sing 

in her mineral veins


{sacred breath of prayer}


In return

I pour ceaseless love

into her stone bones

fuel for her molten fires

I breathe endless breath

into her plant children’s leaves

tending our kin


We feed each other

woman and earth

We nourish each other

woman and earth

bones and stones

blood and fire

womb to womb

living and thriving

only together

only together

only as one.

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