Your harmonious groove

This morning I cracked open a slice of sunrise and tuned my body to the song the earth was singing.

On the surface she was covered in snow and silence. Underneath was a winter to spring choir warming up.

Seeds steadily slurp snowmelt, creaking and groaning their way into plump readiness. Water rushes and gushes racing for the nearest spring to stream to creek to river to ocean express. Soil and stone shift and slide as frost frees them.

And that’s just in the first few seconds. If I settled in for a really good listen I’d hear my own bones and cells singing accompaniment, trees waking, bulbs swelling, and a hundred other sounds of life lifting herself toward the surface again.

This morning is an aria of aliveness. 

And I’m embedded in it. My own harmony rising and lifting with all the rest.

So are you.

If you simply tune your body to the song the earth is singing, you’ll hear your part, your fiercely flourishing heartsong, grabbing her solo and then weaving back in with the choir.

You’ll hear your own aria of aliveness kept steady by the thrumming base of belonging.

For the price of a little listening, you’ll be serenaded by your own vibrancy and feeling of being home.

That’s how to create a harmonious start to your day.

Now go sing your song,


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