The Answer to Upheaval

Spring – any seasonal or life transition really – brings it’s measure of chaos. 

Facets of life are being shuffled and redistributed. Whether by your hand or by the fine fingers of the Universe.

Chaos, while productive and essential, can become frustrating…annoying…exhausting. Sometimes, you just need the craziness to give it a rest.

I get that…so much right now.

When I need life to give it a rest, I plunk myself down in the middle of the mess, take deep breaths (lots), and counterintuitively open my heart wide. I become a well of stillness and compassion in the middle of the spinning life facets. I just refuse to spin with them anymore.

And then I listen for the rhythms, synchronicity, patterns that will weave everything together into it’s new form.

Once you see the pattern it’s much easier to deal with the lolloping looniness. It may not all settle into the pattern(s) you’ve discerned, but you know it will. And that helps. A lot. (For me, anyway.)

Sitting in the middle of the mess with you,


2 Replies to “The Answer to Upheaval”

  1. This post resonates with me so much today.

    I was up, at 1am, sitting in the middle of whatever, and I cried and cried and cried.

    Today, I must breathe, and stop harping on myself.

    Just being sounds lovely.

    Thank you Tracie for your wisdom.



    1. Oh Kim, I know that up at 1 a.m. crying place… So glad these words offered a new perspective and maybe some comfort. Your heart is so deep and endless… I know you’ll find your “beingness.” xoxo


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