Self-love Smells Like Oranges

Scent. Gorgeous, luscious, fill-your-lungs-with-it-fragrance is a potent ally in the practice of loving yourself.

From lilting to earth-bound, ephemeral to in-your-face, aromas and the plant allies who produce them are powerfully luscious companions to everyday self-care. Why? Unfiltered access to your limbic system, baby. The parts of your brain that regulate emotions, behavior, and memory.

Scent molecules sashay right up your olfactory nerves (olfaction = sense of smell) and salsa on into your limbic brain right past the usual beefy bouncers who control access to mission control of your nervous system. (Can I mix a metaphor, or what?)

Which means you can shift your mood, behaviors, sense of spiritual presence, even things as pragmatic as concentration and focus, with a little fragrant help from your plant friends. Easy.

Practically speaking you can use scent to help you do things like relax when you’re anxious. Deepen your meditation practice. Center yourself when you’re feeling scattered. Connect with nature when you need to be in windowless spaces.

See the self-love happening?

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