I am fiercely human!

This is strange.

I’ve been so immersed
in intuition
as I sense my way
through the heart-songs of
stone communities
that I feel oddly

from the
mundane world .


The green world
…the unseen world…
those I can feel
through my body.
They are…REAL.

The day-to-day world?
The one
where politicians are waffling,
countries are warring,
people are being
everything from deep compassion
to abject cruelty?
A film I’m watching.
Or a dream.


Maybe it’s that I think
of this as the “mundane”
and the other as not.
Maybe it’s all those
sages and priests
mouthing about
the evil of here.
The bliss of there.

Whatever the reason
Whyever the reason
It’s as wrong as
if it were the other way ’round.

I am

I belong here.

Feet in both worlds
firmly planted

Heart-connected with
those politicians,
countries and people.

Heart-connected with
the green and unseen

Equally present.
Radically present.


© 2014 Tracie Nichols

4 Replies to “I am fiercely human!”

  1. I know this feeling exactly! I experience it so often, but find that I can come back slowly by doing a bit of housework, drinking water, although I avoid the news!


    1. Those are beautiful strategies Kirsten! I keep working towards holding both at once. Too ambitious? Maybe. But I’m having a good time trying 🙂


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