For Kim. And love. And me.

I’m holding a distance vigil as a long-time friend who has been fighting cancer moves toward her transition.

Flipping through memories, realizing what she’s taught me – and what she tried to teach me, though I was too stubborn to listen until now.

For Kim. And Love. And Me |

For all the bliss and expansion our Oneness presence is — there’s a reason we keep dipping ourselves in the salty experience that is a human life.


Because here we can experience whole-body, full sensory immersion in love and heart-connection. It feels diamond bright. Sharp. Sweet. Tangy. And precious. So, so precious.

That’s what it can be. If we are willing to risk living soul-to-soul.

If despite wounds and history and pain, we pull up our faith, tuck in our courage, and leap naked and tender into a passionate soul-kiss with LIFE and everybeing we meet. If we take no shit, and give none, either. If we look deep in the eyes, (or flower, deep pool, wave, or crystalline lattice) of each being we meet and authentically see and honor their sacredness.

That’s what my friend does. And it’s what she tried – with no-holds-barred bluntness and genuine friendship – to teach me.

I think I finally got it, love. Thanks for everything. Most especially, for being unreservedly you.


Image Credits:

Shadow Self-Portrait © 2014 Kim Maleski

8 Replies to “For Kim. And love. And me.”

  1. Tracie, you are like ‘zen in a bottle’… When I look at your profile picture, I can actually feel your warm-loving hug. We are all connected in one way or the other. Thank you for listening to your friend and writing your view of her vision!!!


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