The old woman and the oak

In the woods an oak tree reaches his strong branches clear of the surrounding tree canopy. He drinks in the bright sunlight, sending his roots deep into the rich earth.

Below his tall reach, a crone woman wanders across the dappled woodland floor into his sanctuary… listening for wild whispers …… listening, listening. And, she hears him murmur, “My strength and depth are yours, my sister, whenever you require them.”

The woman draws a dark brown bottle full of sweet water from her alchemists bag and tucks it among his resilient oaken feet. Then, cocking her head, she listens once more ….. After a moment, she pulls a gleaming nodule of native copper from her satchel. This joins the bottle resting on strong roots and rich earth.

The crone woman drops to her knees, head prayerfully bowed, and offers her reverent thanks to tree and earth, copper and water for the alchemy they make, right there, in the green woods.

Oaken depth and strength flow into her bones. They suffuse her heart with bright insight and clarity. She rises to her feet, tall and potent, humming with the gift offered by great oak and bright copper. This is what their vibration captured in water will bring to anyone attracted by their deep, strong, clear, bright energy.

This is truly life-nourishing alchemy.

Wordscape from brothers oak tree and copper…

“We are strength and flexibility dancing together, crafting a potent flow of stand-in-your-truth strength and flow-with-your-wisdom flexibility culminating in bright, shining, resilience. We are your roots twined so deeply with the stone bones of this earth that nothing, nothing can shake you loose from her nourishment. With us you are deep and strong, clear and bright.”

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