In the Belly of the Moon

I’ve written more poems by the glow of the bathroom nightlight than have ever passed through these fingers in daylight hours. With children and a husband sleeping, my options for nighttime writing without waking anyone are limited. So, me and the bathroom nightlight are old writing buddies.

Last night my mind was yadda yadda yadda-ing. It had been a day doing things way outside my comfort zone — and not in a good way. Know what I mean?

Easing into the bathroom to brush my teeth (yes, the same one with the nightlight) I glanced out the window and with a soft, almost audible, whoosh! I was in the sky with Luna. Out of the natter chatter and into myself — into creation. And, well, the poem can take it from here…



chatter natter chatter

dark and still as this night is

my head

is anything but


then through the window she

slides into view


her full-bellied semi-circle self

stilling my natter chatter mind


{outside myself}

{inside the wild}


touching my own

round-bellied softness

an unlooked for


smooths the hunch

from my shoulders

the clench

from my teeth


and she rises

slinging her rich-

bellied calm

further into the night

and deeper

into my


© 2015 Tracie Nichols

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