Nature inspired ways to deal with overwhelm

I didn’t realize how depleted I was until I stopped by my favorite woods.

Until I rolled to a stop, turned off the car and the sound of birdsong and leaves in the wind filtered into my cells.

Tears started when I felt those trees wrap their ageless presence around me.

I handed them my tired-of-running heart, brimming with gratitude, and they tucked her away in their mossy roots.

Life happens. Even when we’re paying attention.

Even when I’m paying attention, even when I know how to care for myself, even when I’m nourishing myself through my relationship with nature, even then, life can happen.

A day, or a week, or a few weeks require me to be on the edge of my resilience constantly and then I’m bursting into tears because the trees are hugging me and they feel so kind that I let go and realize just how frazzled I am.

When I pulled onto the tiny road that bisects my favorite small woods serendipity bopped me with her starry wand. The road remained weirdly car-less so I could turn Esme (my car) off and feel the trees….and the ache in my own heart.

What’s the ache about?

With the combination of human stupidity and extreme weather causing so much anguish to both human beings and to nature beings I’m feeling inundated by wave after wave of grief, pain, anger, disbelief, betrayal.

For highly sensitive people who are deeply connected with the earth, enduring natural disasters – even at a distance – presents somewhat of a special challenge. Uncomfortable questions rise to the surface and can even spark a spiritual crisis.

Mindful presence and self-love become especially important practices so we can stay present with those who need our help. Of course, it’s essential to figure out which practices and ideas work for you.

Here’s what I know:

Tending to our own hearts keeps us resilient so we can reach out the next time somebeing needs us.

We are entirely capable of acknowledging our own grief and confusion while we are responding in constructive ways to a crisis.

I need to keep connecting with wild nature when I’m stressed. Even if life gets busier, I need to get closer. To recall more of mama nature’s wordless vocabulary and be in even deeper communion with my more-than-human kin.

Some people respond to the onslaught of reactions by putting up mental or energetic barriers. I find that exhausting to maintain. Partnering with essential oils and vibrational essences helps me feel protected and supported by community.

Breathing techniques, like the 3 part breath, and mudras are infinitely helpful.

Opening myself wider so I’m radiating even more love keeps me engaged and focused on what really matters. It also keeps me open to that serendipitous moment when my nature family helps me realize I need to recharge.

What works for you?

2 Replies to “Nature inspired ways to deal with overwhelm”

  1. Tracie – you’ve put into words what I’ve been feeling so much lately. When I hear about a natural disaster, I have a visceral reaction to it. My guts churn. I hope to remember your advice and open to love next time.


    1. Chari, it’s never easy. I almost always take a trip through fear and anxiety and sometimes guilt before reaching love. And…the more of us who stay conscious and recharge and get back to love, the better for all of us.


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