How an HSP found the courage to speak out

Once upon a time, there was a shy little girl with a timid little voice who never, never told people what she was feeling from the world around her.  It felt dangerous to let people know what she was observing, you see. So, she silently blended in, laying in the waving grasses, watching worlds unfold: insect and seed, wind and water, tree and leaf. Reading, thinking, but mostly listening.

One day, the earth under her belly seemed to whisper. It had always thrummed, like her own heart, but this new sound seemed almost like a ……. word?

So she pressed her ear closer, not minding the tickling from her grass friends, and held her breath so the whooshing sound it made wouldn’t get in the way. There is was again. That soft, gentle, whisper…

She laid her cheek on the earth, spread her arms wide, touching the ground with as much of herself as she could. This time, her whole body listened with a stillness she’d only seen happen those times when the world inhales right before a storm crashes through murky air and clogged streams.

The sound welled up through her muscles, nerves, and bones. It pulsed in her stomach and lungs, finally settling in her heart. It felt as if the earth was asking, “Beloved. Are you listening?”

A storm of love and acceptance swept through her lonely heart. A flash flood of understanding landed her in clear channels of strength. The earth – the whole planet – was a part of her and she a part of it. She belonged. She belonged in ways her soft, wide-open child’s mind didn’t yet understand.

The little girl kept listening….and feeling….and belonging…and when the time was right, when she felt strong and grounded and clear, she began to speak. Quietly. Firmly. With great love and infinite kindness. She unfurled her sensitive, deeply perceptive, introspective heart and, with a deep, woodsy breath of trust, spun the waiting words into the world.

If you’re craving this kind of belonging….or to unfurl your sensitive heart…a Discovery Conversation (it’s a gift from my heart to yours) might help.

3 Replies to “How an HSP found the courage to speak out”

  1. Dear Tracie, this is just beautiful – wow!!
    As soon as I saw the image on your newsletter I had come here to read the post… It sooooo spoke to me and immediately I thought of my Word for 2015 ‘delve’ – to dig deep, to dive into the listening, the speaking…
    Can I ask – could I use the image as inspiration for tomorrow’s collage (I will of course link to your site)? I sense this is actually why I’m doing this collage-a-day in June – to listen deeply, to delve into why I love making them so much, and to then speak of what I learn…
    Sending you much love and many Full Moon blessings xx


    1. Claire I’m so happy the post is inspiring exploration!! You are quite welcome to use the image as inspiration for your collage tomorrow. How exciting!!


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