Making friends with the unknown

So, when ” the unknown” spoke up during my meditation I was confused and a little startled. Really? I was even more surprised to learn that the unknown can be an ally. “Unknown” is a presence. A beingness. Yes!

Not surprisingly, the “Unknown” is a presence of few words, but I’ll describe the images and sensations I was shown and hopefully you’ll discover the same feeling of support I’m feeling right now!

Picture a bud, tightly closed. All you can see is the outer covering of leaves or petals. In that moment what’s inside is unknown. It’s purely potential. It’s possibility. You may think you know what’s inside, but can you predict the exact color and shape? The depth of fragrance? The energy and beauty? No. Because they are nestled in the bud. In the unknown. What you know is that there is infinite potential in that unknown interior. Infinite potential and the joy of beauty and LIFE revealed. And your heart glows with joy, and excitement.

…making an ally of “Unknown” can shift the journey from frightening to flowing.

That is how “Unknown” is our ally. When we allow – no invite – “Unknown” to spark that glow of excitement and joy in our hearts…when we understand “Unknown” to be a source of infinite potential…this is when the unknown is our ally. And a resource for resilience.

Too often we dread the unknown. With all of the changes happening, the twists and turns and upheaval in our lives and all of the deep personal growth we’re being asked create, making an ally of “Unknown” can shift the journey from frightening to flowing.

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