I must not be normal.

I have a confession.

I’ve felt guilty for years because I haven’t found “THE THING”.

The one thing that was the perfect way to serve and live my purpose and be all I could be. That one true purpose everyone tells you you’re supposed to find.

Between the culture I live in (I’m in the U.S.) and my age (I’m in my 50’s) I’ve been well marinated in the version of “normal” that says we must choose one thing to do with our lives and stick with it, with grim determination if necessary. Hopping from thing to thing to thing is less desirable. Maybe even flighty or unreliable. Certainly not “normal.”


The only thing of which I’m guilty is trying to be the wrong version of normal.

Years ago (like a decade or so) a friend suggested I read The Renaissance Soul. In true renaissance style, I read the book, found it fascinating, identified myself in its words, tucked that information into my toolkit, and moved on. Of course I did. That’s what we multipotentialed folks do. Inhale knowledge. Integrate it. Move on.

Here’s the problem.

Despite knowing myself to be a multipotentialite, I had internalized the “find your one true purpose, or pick one thing and stick with it” cultural myth. And, the myth was driving the bus. 

The cognitive dissonance drove me into what Transformative Learning calls a disorienting dilemma. What I love about being this disoriented is that it shakes me into stepping away from the insanity of trying to be “normal.” 🙂

I live in a constantly growing, changing network of knowledge, actions, skills and beliefs grounded in appreciative communion with nature with an intention of making life better for people and the planet. That broad sweep of possibilities is as close to a “one true purpose” as I come.

In the past decade in my business I have offered sacred circles, classes, mentoring, poetry, body and energy work, consulting, and writing in support of any aspect of making life better for the planet and people. In my writings, sessions, and classes I’ve tackled self-love, self-care, leadership, intuition, resilience, mindful presence, body image, the power of awe, the importance of paying attention to our senses and dozens more topics.

I crafted this kaleidoscope of services because I’m passionately in love with the earth and life and endlessly fascinated by the potential I perceive in the people I meet.

As a Renaissance Soul, I’m always learning new perspectives and skills.  This means the ways in which I serve my clients and my community are always growing and changing. 

I imagine some of you might be caught in the same “I must not be normal.” dilemma. So, with great respect and appreciation, I invite you to use your innate skills and wisdom to step outside the cultural myth and discover what normal looks like specifically for you. A job with side passions? An eclectic career path moving through a wide variety of positions and industries? Starting your own consulting business? Serial entrepreneur?

(And if you’re having a hard time figuring out what your normal looks like? Coaching can help. We can start with a free Discovery Conversation. )

2 Replies to “I must not be normal.”

  1. Dearest Tracie – such wise words at the transition of the seasons, and for myself, ever so welcoming.

    The timing of tripping across your site and reading about the essences is uncanny, as my being stuck too long (for my liking) in an ocean of inertia is getting too darn uncomfortable and disconcerting. I don’t always scan through all the Facebook posts I receive, but early this morning I clicked on one from my niece, who had a link to your site on her post – yay Lindsay! Curiouser & curiouser, I followed it through tip to toe. To avoid my own confusion on which & what to do, I innately picked out essences, albeit ordering a couple extra for my lovely but troubled sister with the hope they relate to help soothe her troubled soul. Now I think I will use the $$ I save in my shoe jar not for footwear, but for a consultation….
    Thanks for the nudge, for writing the way you do, for your spirit . ..


    1. What beautiful serendipity Jo-Ann! I’m so happy you followed your nudging heart and found my site. And big hugs to your niece Lindsay for sharing my link. Intuitively choosing essences is the perfect way to find the right ones. I’ll be shipping your order by Wednesday, Sept. 23.

      Thank you for taking a moment and appreciating what I do,
      Big smiles,


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