Yes. You belong.

So many people I talk to feel as if they have a hole in their heart where a sense of belonging is meant to be. I get how they feel. I know that hole-in-heart sensation. So many of us – high sensitives (HSP’s), multipotentialites (Renaissance Souls), sensory outliers, evolutionary forerunners – know this feeling.

When we land in that hole-in-heart experience it’s because we’re forgetting an essential truth.

We already belong. We are inextricable members of the living system – the ecosystem – where we reside. We can never not belong. 

It’s the action of believing in our belonging that trips us up, because as children – and sometimes as adults – we internalized the “you’re different, weird, too much” messages people overtly or covertly handed to us.

The solution is knowing ourselves. Deeply. Understanding the unique alchemy only we can offer. Taking our own voice seriously. Refining our capacity to discern when outside voices are speaking from ignorance, and when they are speaking from understanding. And then refining our capacity to let the ignorant statements become compost fueling our determination.

We are of the earth. She is of us. Wherever we are, we are still standing on her stone bones and she is still singing in our blood. When we remember this with every sense, when we feel it in our bodies, we experience belonging. We live it as breath. And once we’ve felt that, believing in our belonging becomes a whole lot easier.

May you experience your belonging today.

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