What I love about you and me.

What I love about you and me is this: we’re different.

We are part of a community of 12 – 20% of the population offering unique and needed skills, perceptions, and perspectives in these challenging times.

One of the things I also love about us is that we face similar challenges. Like the challenge of not believing that being the way we are – highly sensitive or multipotentialed or introverted or all of the above – is a good thing. Or the challenge of walking into a networking event. Or the even bigger challenge of staying at said event. Or talking about ourselves at the aforementioned event. You get the picture.

So, today, I’d like to share with you some of the most wonderful things about being who we are. Who you are. I gently invite you to give yourself the gift of noticing yourself in these attributes. It’s a pretty delicious list. And you’re definitely in there. (There’s a LOT of crossover among the categories, so don’t get hung up on them. Simply drink in those attributes….)

Awesome attributes of the Highly Sensitive

  • Multitalented
  • Strongly imaginative
  • Rapid and deep learners
  • Often intellectually gifted
  • Intuitive
  • Deeply empathetic
  • Big picture/long range/ often visionary thinkers who process deeply
  • Understanding the importance of working at a natural pace/rhythm. Often that’s slower, but not always.
  • Can be an oasis of calm in a sea of chaos (if already resilient, and well-resourced)
  • Extremely perceptive. Often have a clear sense of people and their motivations – even when those are hidden or unconscious.
  • Can be very aware of the mind/body connection and use it to advantage.

Renaissance Soul/Multipotentialite/Scanner superpowers

  • Integral thinkers
  • Innovative thinkers
  • Synthesize ideas readily
  • Holistic thinkers
  • Amass a unique collection of skills and experiences
  • Often intellectually gifted
  • Able to effectively and accurately communicate with diverse groups of people about a wide variety of subjects. Is often the person in the room or on the team who is translating between disparate groups.
  • Rapid learners
  • Our passion makes us inspiring people to be around.
  • Adaptable as hell. A really important skill to develop to thrive in the 21st c.

Intriguing Introvert specialties…

  • Learn more frequently and often more quickly. Could be said we’re learning constantly.
  • Cultivate genuine connection and relationships more readily because we prefer meaningful conversation and are generally empathetic.
  • Especially good leaders for groups where members are proactive, collaborative, and have high emotional intelligence. Spend less time asserting their leadership and more time listening and innovating.
  • Attentive to detail.
  • Can take on extroverted traits when it’s important. When the project is aligned with our core values and the situation demands risk taking, taking a loud stand, being a forceful leader.

So….read….notice….breathe….notice again….take a shot at believing….notice how that feels…repeat as desired.

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