Monday Moorings: Curiosity = radical self-care

“Either we can retreat to the safety of our familiar opinions, or we can become curious.” ~ Margaret Wheatley & Deborah Frieze, from their book Walk Out Walk On

I’ve been reading the book “Walk Out Walk On” which is subtitled “A learning journey into communities daring to live the future now.” It was the subtitle that captured my attention. My always alert curiosity just had to know what “living the future now” meant. It turns out it means being willing to live and learn in refreshing new ways.

I’ll let the book explain… “Walk Outs are people who bravely choose to leave behind a world of unsolvable problems, scarce resources, limiting beliefs and destructive individualism. They walk on to the ideas, beliefs and practices that enable them to give birth to new systems that serve community. This is the story of an emerging movement of pioneering leaders and communities around the world who are self-organizing to create healthy and resilient communities.”

Their stories go beyond inspiring. They make me uncomfortable — in a good way. They help  me to see where my own story could use some expanding and changing…where I could shift out of certainty into curiosity and learn and live in radically new ways. The book is combining several things about which I’m passionate: learning, a systems approach to community change, and making the world a better place.

Curiosity and the desire to learn are foundational traits of both highly sensitive and multipotentialed people. Consciously playing with them — stretching into new ideas and perspectives — these are acts of radical self-care for people like us.

So, wander through a library or bookstore, follow an internet rabbit hole or two (set a timer or have a friend pull you out if you tend to get totally lost) or start some intriguing conversations with friends…or strangers. Nourish yourself the way your sensitive, renaissance soul needs you to.

Monday Moorings are quickly read morsels of thought, ideas, perspective shifts, and self-care practices inviting you to moor yourself into your gifts of high sensitivity, multipotentialism, and introversion. Published (nearly) every Monday.

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