Writer’s Block remedy

Sometimes when life has tossed a challenge at me, I get stuck in hamster-wheel thinking. Churning the same thoughts and beliefs around and around. “Squeak, squeak, squeak…” Reaching the same conclusions over and over until I just wish I could pop my head off, give it a good shake, and snow-globe myself into a different perspective.

Since popping my head off isn’t a viable option, I do the next best thing. I literally change my perspective by changing my body posture. I find a new rhythm with it. I might lay down and gaze up at the knotty issue from the bottom. Or take a walk and look at it sideways. Maybe ease into Downward Facing Dog and see it upside down.

Changing my position relative to the issue helps me see what I’ve been seeing all along in a whole new way, and that can free up my writing voice.

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