Monday Moorings: finding your groove = finding your way

We spend every day awash in natural rhythms. Inner rhythms like our heartbeat and breathing. Crossover inner/outer rhythms like our sleep/awake cycle influenced by the planetary rhythm of day/night, and ecosystem rhythms like ocean tides and seasons.

Each of us feels the effects of these rhythms uniquely. Some may be comforting, some calming, and some are invigorating or spark creativity or productivity.

So, each of us has a native cycle of natural rhythms that nourish us, fan our creative fire, support our spiritual connection, spark our intuition, ground us so we can take care of pragmatic things.

By noticing when in our days, or during the week or month or year we are most able to be creative, focus on detail work, sink into contemplation or meditation, engage in physical activity, clear things – or ideas – out,  we can begin to consciously live within our native rhythms. And, we will struggle less in our lives.

For example, after years of trying to get up and write in the morning, I realized that my creativity comes alive between 2:30 and 3:30 in the afternoon. Now, rather than bang my head on the keyboard for a few badly cobbled paragraphs I work with my natural rhythm and write in the afternoon. I spend less time, am much less frustrated, and produce writing that feels good.

So, if it makes your heart sing (because singing hearts are the best kind 😉 ) why not find your groove by noticing your own natural rhythms?

Here’s a little natural rhythm to get your day started off right…

Monday Moorings are quickly read morsels of thought, ideas, perspective shifts, and self-care practices inviting you to moor yourself into your gifts of high sensitivity, multipotentialism, and introversion. Published (nearly) every Monday.

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