The highly sensitive advantage

I’m a night-owl. My creativity most often has the same rhythm as night-blooming jasmine, waking after dark and coming into it’s fullest in the depths of night. Mornings though? Mornings are more about foggy thoughts and stumbling feet.

One winter morning I was waiting for tea to brew (and trying to remember my name) when my attention was captured by the insistent “chip, chip, chip” ing of a cardinal. He appeared to be in conversation with a cheerfully “chick-a-dee!” ing chickadee, while a crowd of crows “caw” ed in the distance.

Groggily curious, I leaned into their conversation, opening my senses to explore more of what was happening, shamelessly eavesdropping on their morning chat. As I listened I realized that I was starting to feel less … foggy. Hmmmm…..

As high sensitives, we spend so much time with our senses protectively armored we forget there’s an advantage to the intensity with which we can feel the world.

That morning I was eavesdropping with more than just my ears. I leaned into their conversation, literally. My body canted toward their sound and all of me was listening. More precisely, I was sensing into the birdsong with the full sensory capacity of my body/mind/spirit. In my sleepy, non-thinking state, my sensory armor went clanking to the ground and I drank in the unfiltered multi-sensory experience of morning birdsong.

It was darn near psychedelic.

Birdsong, it turns out, grounds me. At this not so favorite time of day when my natural rhythm is at an ebb, listening – whole body listening – to birdsong leads me gently towards awareness.

Your catalyst could be any sensory experience. What works depends on the person doing the sensing. Maybe it’s the scent of coffee or tea brewing. Patterns of color dancing outside the window. Reading and savoring inspiring words. The feeling of moving your body.

Fully engaging our exquisite senses – at the right time – can deepen and sharpen our state of awareness and help us be more present.

Radically present, actually. The “at the right time” caveat is important especially for HSP’s, obviously. But, when you can, making full use of your senses can bring the world into focus in unique ways.

OK, my highly sensitive friends….go explore! What’s your HSP advantage?

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