Monday Moorings: Water? Really?

“Our energies might be traveling out of our brains and bodies and into those of other living beings of all kinds through imprints on this magical substance. The oceans and rivers and rains might be transporting all manner of information throughout the world.” Diana Rico in her article “Scientists investigate water memory.”

Isn’t that a wonderfully intriguing idea? That this substance so essential to staying nourished – indeed to staying alive – may carry your imprint to the other side of the world? It’s an idea that invites us to consider all sorts of possibilities.

Drinking a glass of water can become an experience of mindful gratitude for not just the water molecules our bodies need to survive, but also for the sense of communion with others.

An ocean swim can become a prayer sent into the world just because we’ve infused our presence into the water.

I also love how, in the video, the scientist from the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany theorizes that oceans become things that join us, rather than divide us. That rain could be a source of data transmission.

Can you imagine listening that closely to raindrops? Gathering in the presences with which they are imprinted? The curious child in me imagines that if I’m mindfully aware enough, I might just decipher some of that information the next time I drink a sip of water, or stand in the rain. What does your curious child imagine?

Monday Moorings are quickly read morsels of thought, ideas, perspective shifts, and self-care practices inviting you to moor yourself into your gifts of high sensitivity, multipotentialism, and introversion. Published (nearly) every Monday.

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