Our greatest challenge is our greatest gift

“Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore

As a child, I used to climb the huge white pine tree next to our home. I’d cling to the trunk like a little girl barnacle as the wind blew and the tree swayed. I was convinced tree and sky were telling each other stories, and if I just listened closely enough, I’d be able to hear the stories, too. The mystery of their more-than-human conversations nourished my child imagination — and eased the ache of feeling like an outsider.

I still listen to the conversations happening all around me among the nature beings with whom I share an ecosystem. I’ve found that I do understand their language…if I listen with all of my senses, and if I’m willing to surrender into sound and rhythm, rather than needing words.

And, there it is again….the beauty in being gifted as highly sensitive, the wonder created by the intense curiosity of being multipotentialed.

The way we perceive the world can be our greatest challenge…AND our greatest joy. What do you think? Any stories out there you’d like to hear?

Monday Moorings are quickly read morsels of thought, ideas, perspective shifts, and self-care practices inviting you to moor yourself into your gifts of high sensitivity, multipotentialism, and introversion. Published (nearly) every Monday.

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