Monday Moorings: You are enough

The truth is, you are a pulsing, moving, flowing explosion of LIFE’s juicy creativity every moment of every day. Even on tired, crappy mornings or stressed-out crazy ones. Tuck that in your heart and use it to keep perspective. ‘Cause we all lose if you aren’t fiercely being who you are, doing what you do.

So…to expand your resilience today:

Place your feet** firmly sole to soil, sand, or stone. Place them and become exquisitely aware of every tiny point of contact between you and the ground. Feel those points of contact expand, deepen, and merge.

Breathe this in…. You are wildness. You are love. You are sunlight, rain, sand, stone, mist and great trees standing true and whole.

You are. And that is enough.

** If feet on the ground isn’t possible, hands on the earth works. Or hands on a lovely stone in your lap. Or cheek to stone, sand or soil. Basically, put whatever part of your body you are able into contact with the earth in some form. 

Monday Moorings are quickly read morsels of thought, ideas, perspective shifts, and self-care practices inviting you to moor yourself into your gifts of high sensitivity, multipotentialism, and introversion. Published (nearly) every Monday.

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