You can love them and still want them to leave….


I posted this on Facebook on the day an extended family visit ended:

Looking forward to a quiet day restoring my home to its usual energy of semi-messy sacred space. I love seeing my family. And, I need the rhythm of everyday tasks to recover my center after so much go-go-go. There are poems brewing and workshop ideas simmering. They are whispering… “…solitude, spaciousness, unfettered attention…this is what we require of you…”

When you’re highly sensitive you live with the weird push-pull paradox of, “I love you and I love being with you. Will you please leave, now?” And, it’s OK. Not easy. Certainly daunting to try to explain. But, OK.

A strategy that works for me is knowing my sustainable limits. Setting those boundaries at the outset. Building in recovery time.  “I’d love to see the Barnes Museum with you! We could spend about 2 hours there, then meet later for dinner.”

Are you OK with the push-pull? What are your sustainability strategies?



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