Please. Don’t look away.

So many people responded when I published this in my newsletter this morning that it feels important to share it more widely. So, from my heart to yours…

With devastation of all kinds in so many places around the world, you’re probably overflowing with advice about how to help or where to give. Me too.

But I deeply needed to speak to the tumult we’re all living through. To offer help, to serve, to extend myself beyond contributions and worry. So, with the highly sensitive, intuitive, empathic people of the world in mind, I’m offering these. With love.

I’m thinking of them as guidelines for burning times.

1. Don’t look away. That doesn’t mean stay connected to news or social media 24/7. No. It means let yourself be fully aware and awake to the events rolling across the world. Witnessing. This is the core of compassion.

2. Being emotionally uncomfortable won’t kill you. It just feels that way sometimes. Like any state of being, it will pass. Honor your discomfort. You’re being changed by what you are witnessing. That’s one reason we keep dipping ourselves in the salty experience that is a human life.

3. You can’t fix it. Not the whole thing. Certainly not alone. That’s OK. Be kind. Stop walking around wearing the suffering of eight billion people – or even eight – as if it’s your sole responsibility. Breathe.

4. Make every action a thoughtful one. Help each choice perpetuate kindness. Marinate every word in compassionate truth. Especially what you share on social media.

5. You count. Whatever thoughtful action you are able to take will contribute to making a difference. The key word here is “able”, not “comfort-able”. Should you stay in your comfort zone? See #2. Should you throw yourself at every wall? See #3. How to find a balance? That’s what #6 is for.

6. Keep living. Do your day-to-day. Love the people you love and do it out loud. With exuberant hugs. Lots of exuberant hugs. Find one moment of beauty each day. Don’t look away. Appreciate it. If you stop living, your resilience will falter and so will your thoughtful actions and compassionate witnessing. Then where will we be?

Witnessing with you,

PS – The butterflies are a moment of beauty for you, today.

Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash

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