A tiny sliver of what it’s like being an HSP, multipotentialed entrepreneur

Doing some project planning, I looked at my upcoming events and YIKES! is there a lot happening. Events and classes to facilitate; projects to develop, self-care practices to practice… It’s joyous tangle of quiet creativity and sharing what I’ve created with people.

I both LOVE and DREAD when my work finds this rhythm.

My multipotentialed self is like a kid blowing bubbles — laughing, sticky, and totally in her element.

My highly sensitive self — especially my conscientiousness — is freaking out a bit. Ok, maybe a lot.

In the middle of it all, Tracie-the-center is busily weaving, weaving, weaving together the threads, doing my best to stay in the flow of crafting a coherent fabric rather than staging a great unraveling. (To be fair to great unravellings, at some times of year or certain places in life they can be exactly what’s needed.)

It’s messy and imperfect, creative and thrilling, worrying and rewarding. It’s what building a business is like when the world looks a giant rubber band ball of possibilities and you feel it so intensely it’s like life is literally singing in your nervous system.


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