tangerine and
raspberry mellowing
to lemon and
that moment when
the pale eye of
the winter sun rotates
into view

— anticlimax —

almost as if the
fire and ice borderlands
of dawn and dusk
are where the true
magic happens

Daily Poem Project 2018 – day 3

What does poetry have to do with business and career coaching? Acts of creativity spark non-linear thinking. They help us color outside the confines of how our insecurities or unconscious social and cultural conditioning tell us we “should” be doing things. My acts of revolutionary and evolutionary creativity are almost always poems. But they could be doodles, freeform crochet, cooking without a recipe, improvisational dance or music or anything that engages your feelings, senses and intuition. What are yours?

© 2018 Tracie Nichols – all rights reserved
image credit: Tracie Nichols

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