#dailypoemproject days 4 – 6

Day 4…

edges fascinate me

with their
ephemeral nature
with their potentials
found only
on this edge
in this moment
and never again

with their dangerous
and exciting
discomfort and
their invitation to step
— quivering —
off them and tumble
into the unknown

Edges … 01-04-18

Day 5…

anonymous room
disconnected people
uncomfortable silence
bright eyed smile on
unsteady sturdy legs
pink flower bobbing
“Colorful!” “Purple!”
crayon clatter
tiny running steps
scatter rainbows
paint flickers of joy
spark shy shared smiles
smatterings of connection
invoke life
in this 
lifeless place

Untitled 1; 01-05-18

Day 6…

down the gray gravel drive
turn away
from crumbling red sandstone
barn walls
take the ordinary sidewalk
toward the old/new
patchwork house

— but —

if you value ordinariness….
……don’t step off the sidewalk
if you fear wildness disguised as normalcy….
…..stay on the cement

— but —

if you hear whispering
fairy folk
or find your soul tugged
by unseen (but very felt) wonder
then step encouragingly to
your left
touching soles
to grass

let your animal
body guide

maybe you will meet the dragon
in the pin oak
or the merfolk hide-and-seeking
in the red stone creek

perhaps you will be invited to
sit with the council of all
beings led today by
heron, hawk, and owl

maybe you will find stillness
by the fire circle
see yourself
afresh by flickering
see your very own
fierce dragonheart gleaming
in your human eyes

perhaps you will gather
your fire emerald wings
and loft toward
Orion’s belt
soaring homeward
on winds of wonder
to land
— eyes sharp with dragonlight —
in your space
seeing finally its own
unseen magic.

Don’t be afraid to step off the sidewalk – 01-06-18

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