moments of change

some moments
change everything

like the moment you
realize that losing breakfast
— for the fourth day in a row —
can’t possibly be
something you ate

or the time you find yourself
clinging — terrified and howling — to the
quartz bones of a mountaintop
in a sundering wind
and realize it isn’t you howling —
the mountain is using your throat

it’s the moment your
blue-eyed mother’s
silvery head meets the
glossy, impervious floor with an
indescribable sound and
people in scrubs start using
words like “stroke” and “rehab”

and it’s the morning you wake up
still breathing with birdsong
and sunlight and realize that every
time you wake up still breathing
is a moment that changes

you can
change anything
with one radical
act of choice

Daily Poem Project 2018 – day 8

What does poetry have to do with business and career coaching? Acts of creativity spark non-linear thinking. They help us color outside the confines of how our insecurities or unconscious social and cultural conditioning tell us we “should” be doing things. My acts of revolutionary and evolutionary creativity are almost always poems. But they could be doodles, freeform crochet, cooking without a recipe, improvisational dance or music or anything that engages your feelings, senses and intuition. What are yours?

© 2018 Tracie Nichols – all rights reserved
Image credit: Pixabay (Quangpraha)

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