Our bodies remember what our minds have forgotten

Being body-wise is the act of believing what your body is saying. It’s a presence to life that is beautiful and vulnerable and essential to the work of creating lasting, substantive change in yourself…and in the world.

It’s also how we can create businesses that are disentangled from the manipulative, dismissive, objectifying messages hammered into our brains as women. How we can market those businesses with clarity, kindness, truth and integrity.

“I believe our most poignant lessons come through the body, the skin, the cells, our DNA. It’s where our ancestral memory is. It’s where the future will be changed.” Terry Tempest Williams

Our bodies remember what our minds have forgotten…

  • How important conscious relationships are.
  • How essential it is to work *with* the rhythms of our bodies and our ecosystems.
  • How to be responsive to feedback from our environment.
  • How to create conditions conducive to life (in the words of the amazing Janine Benyus.)

So our work nurtures and builds no matter what field we work in.

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