Surrendering to August

on days
like this
….heavy, ripe, still…

the simple
act of
lifting hands
to ease
away from
hazel eyes

becomes a
lazy dance
of languid fingers
leading listless
palms trailed by
reluctant elbows…

August …
your haze

early summer’s
green and gold
in endless

in blurs
of waiting
for autumn’s
rub and

August …
I see you.

I feel your plan.

you live
to pause…

and pause
to live.

my wise body follows.

cells and bones
laughing gently.

productivity-thwarted mind
spins, sputtering confused

in the end
you win.

in the end
– despite myself –
so do I.

Surrendering to August © 2018 Tracie Nichols

Image credit: Tracie Nichols

What does poetry have to do with business and career coaching?

Acts of creativity spark non-linear thinking. They help us color outside the confines of how our insecurities or unconscious social and cultural conditioning tell us we “should” be doing things. They invite us to travel outside the box of conventional thinking. For Highly Sensitive, Body-Wise folks, acts of creativity help us access wisdom and insights living in our bodies. They ground us into ourselves – our genuine selves – letting us connect with our communities and clients straight from our hearts.

My acts of revolutionary and evolutionary creativity are almost always poems. But they could be doodles, freeform crochet, cooking without a recipe, improvisational dance or music or anything that engages your feelings, senses and intuition.

What are yours?

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