We are made to belong with each other

It’s just past the equinox. Autumn in my corner of the world. Spring for friends in the southern hemisphere.

I’ve always loved equinoxes. I love their twice yearly invitation to experience balance. To pause. To rest into a hemispheric in-breath and dance for a few moments on the edge between growing dark and diminishing light (or vice-versa.)

This year, though, my thoughts are circling around it’s opposite. Imbalance. inequity. Around the ever widening chasm between “us” and “them” based on more and more entrenched “isms”.

It’s not sustainable, you know. The stress of not belonging is intolerable, if not life-threatening, according to our nervous systems.**

We are made to belong with each other. To cooperate for survival. To collaborate toward our thriving.

So…finding ways to unravel othering and isolation has been on my mind. Building, in Margaret Wheatley’s words, “Islands of Sanity” in the seas of separation. Creating ways to offer support to those who have lost their feeling of belonging so they can stand strong in their belonging again.

As you may have gathered from other writings on this site, I tend to focus on women’s experiences (and that includes all who identify as women, not just cisgender folks.) In particular, those who are highly sensitive, body-wise, empathic and intuitive. Women whose perception of the world is outside conventional boxes. Women of difference.

I’m starting this fall by creating an island of sanity for holistically-minded women who are having thoughts like:

  • “It’s too late for me to make a difference.” or
  • “I’m too old to (fill in the blank) or
  • “I’m not relevant anymore.” or
  • “My idea, my dream, my insight isn’t relevant anymore.”

Ground zero is a workshop experience called Plant Your Staff. 

part ceremony… part wise woman circle … part anti-ageism strategy session

woven into 90 minutes of being seen and heard

… stop … breathe that in …

being seen and heard as the fierce woman you are

so you feel
… in your bones …
what it’s like
to be her

so you feel
… in your bones …
you are her

so you feel
… in your bones …
you are home.

Join us virtually (Oct. 8th) or in-person (Nov. 2) and be part of creating an island of sanity – a place of belonging – for women entering their wise-woman years. 

Your voice and presence would be a gift to us all.

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