aromatherapy for deep change

I’ve been co-creating aromatherapy blends – with the help of the essential oils themselves – for nearly 30 years. And, while I always love these scents and how they help us move through whatever life’s tossing our way, every once in a lunar eclipse a blend shows up that just fucking awes me.

SHE and REBEL are two of those.

Born during the recent lunar eclipse, first blended on Imbolc, SHE and REBEL are keys to entering the slipstream of the rising world SHE. To rising with SHE.

They invite us to let slip the wise, fierce rebel of us, discovering their texture. Discovering how we move.

They incite a uniquely thoughtful fierceness.

SHE and REBEL February Essential Now boxes are shipping on 2/11/19.

There’s still time to order just the February box or to subscribe to the full Essential Now membership.

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