moving with the stirring stillness

Spring is here whispering in my ear about possibilities and growing and how much she (somehow, I always think of spring as a young woman) loves waking up after a nice, long sleep. 

She’s so close, you know. Closer than the still monochrome landscape reveals. She loves this bit. The almost-ness of it. The yearning. The slow swelling from safe obscurity into inescapable presence. The dance from gestating to full flowering “here I am!” while her elder sibling autumn quietly does the opposite dance in southern hemispheres.

The edges of seasons telegraph wild code. They signal bodies—plant, furred, feathered, carapace covered, human—that it’s time to emerge and rise. It’s nature’s cue to push what has gestated all these quiet winter months through bark and soil into wind and water and air. To finally reveal what has been silently forming to sleepy-eyed neighbors.  

These transitional spring equinox days are all about listening to and moving with the stirring stillness. 

Today, I flicked the final metaphoric switches to conclusively close my former business and open this reborn business full of the magic of words.

It’s the perfect day here for a transition this momentous. Soft rain and moderate temperatures nourish the land and encourage new growth outside. Inside that same rising, growing, emerging energy nourishes and encourages me and this business and the writing and self-exploration workshops I’ve been gestating through the winter.

I’m curious, what’s emerging for you now? Or, if you’re in the southern hemisphere, what’s easing toward rest?

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