An unexpected conversation

Today I sat in community and nourishing conversation with independent business women, artists, solo practitioners—sisters in entrepreneurial endeavors. I brought with me my struggle with overwhelm and a question about finding and tending the energy needed to do my work with passion and integrity. I’m so glad I did. It was such a good conversation.

Of course, there are layers to every experience.

That initial business-based conversation rolled itself into a later conversation with a friend. A deeper question bobbed to the surface. Was I still connected with what makes me, me? There was so much swirling in my mind and body I stepped outside for a quiet moment to process and integrate.

I almost unconsciously noticed the forming buds on the plants populating our gardens. Something about them called to my overwhelm and confusion. A few breaths later, I was on my (now very muddy) knees having a moment with a muscari plant.

The almost-ness of you. 

The potential the possibility the
tight curiosity—
I am breathless.
You quietly, exquisitely yourself, 
uncontained and finite all at once.

Do you know—can you know—
I found myself, again, in your
small, fierce presence?

Do you know—can you know—
the gift of that?
Tightly budded Muscari (Grape Hyacinth) in our blustery, March-tossed garden.

That’s when I realized that my non-verbal responses to interacting with the muscari buds was the answer to that existential question I’d asked. In fact, it was a map of the things that make me, me: wonder, awe, curiosity, delight in the persistence of nature’s cycles, an appreciation for and willingness to engage the danger and potential of the unknown.

How about you? Is it time to take a few minutes and notice something wonder-filled? You never know where the experience might take you.

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