Remembering Breath and trusting fire on the Summer Solstice

The quietest exultation
slow spins the wave of me—
dip     undulate           pull               rise

(long, slow breath)

I have space enough to...          to...              ...    
Trust, fire says. 
Trust what you have planted.

What’s “Remembering Breath” all about?

A daily devotion.
A reverence of words
elemental kindness.

I’ll be publishing these “reverences of words” here every few days through the summer. They will be short, quiet, thoughtful, and easily identifiable, using the title “Remembering Breath.”

I’d love to hear what is sustaining you these days. What helps you remember breath? Drop me a comment and tell me about it.

With reverence for you and this seasonal waypoint,


(I also blog at The EcoAudient Crone: an old woman listening to an old planet.)

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