Like so many of you, the past two years catalyzed deep changes in my life.

At the end of 2021, I closed my coaching/mentoring practice and pivoted to offering these writing services full time:

  • Copyediting and proofreading for small businesses and new writers (any emerging poets out there?)
  • Transformative writing workshops and writing circles

Why the radical change?

Because life is precious and sometimes brief.

Words are a foundation—a framework—for how we relate to our lives. They give structure and context to our experiences and relationships—describing their beauty, intensity, pain, and wonder. How can I not be talking about language or sharing words as widely as possible?

It’s time to focus my days on the things that have bewitched me almost since birth—writing and words.

Hello, I’m Tracie Nichols. I write poems, copyedit, and facilitate writing experiences from my tiny desk under the wide reach of two venerable Sycamore trees.

It’s nice to meet you.

I’ve spent 20 years laying the foundation for this.

Through my years as a coach, mentor, and alternative wellness practitioner, one of the things I did most often was help clients find the words they needed to talk about what was important to them.

Together, we discovered the language that connected them with their own self-knowledge, creativity, wellbeing, and community.

  • I supported and guided them with journaling prompts, free writing, and revelatory poetry exercises that connected them with themselves and the natural world.
  • I helped them write and edit the newsletters, landing pages, bios, and articles that connected them with their community.

Degrees, certifications, experience and other interesting bits are here.

Looking for a transformative writing experience?

Need help making sure what you’ve written is error-free?

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