about you and me…


Body-Wise Practitioner:

a woman guided by her empathy and intuition. Trusts her gut. Shies away from rigid or cookie-cutter rules (but probably loves actual cookies). Grounded. Connected with nature. Plans and adapts to the unexpected with equal ease. Down-to-earth. Magical.

Knows how best to support her people because she feels it in her bones.

Often found being yoga teachers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, somatic therapists, health and wellness coaches, reflexologists, reiki practitioners, herbalists, aromatherapists….


Highly Sensitive Woman:

a woman with the trait of High Sensitivity (a.k.a. Sensory Processing Sensitivity) as discovered by Dr. Elaine Aron. Intuitive. Empathetic. Knows what everyone in the room is feeling.

An exquisite crossroads of deep thinking and passionate believing.

Made to be a compassionate leader, often reluctant to inhabit that role. Drawn to beauty, nature, and introspection. Sometimes found working quiet miracles for companies that don’t appreciate them. Can also be found creating businesses and practices imprinted with their gift of sensitivity.


Holistic Business and Career Coach:

“I believe when you help someone know who they are, and understand the unique perspectives they bring to local and global challenges, they discover deeper layers of courage and confidence. Then they can change the world.”

a body-wise, Highly Sensitive, quietly revolutionary woman helping body-centered practitioners and Highly Sensitive Women play to their body-wise, empathetic, intuitive strengths so they make a good living – and probably a difference – being themselves. Does coaching that’s comfortably practical with its roots in wild magic. a.k.a. Tracie Nichols, M.A., CCSP, IAC

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