Yes. You’re wired differently. Yes. You are genuinely outside the box. And, yes, that can make things challenging.

But – and this is important – you have the answers to so many of the problems that are happening in the world. We need you doing what you do.

Choosing to bring all of yourself to your business or work? That’s like being the one choosing the veggie burger in a sea of meat and potato lovers. It’s a tad uncomfortable and a bit revolutionary.

You’re in good company.

In a world that tells us success is made from slick images, slicker words, “crushing it” and other shiny objects, genuine success can feel slippery to create. Especially when the tools your body-wisdom knows as truth are things like tree-wisdom, stone-strength and the ancient wisdom pulsing in your bones.

Your approach isn’t wrong, you know. It’s simply what makes sense for the way you’re wired.

You’re wired to create deep, strong, clear, bright things. Lasting things. Flourishing ecosystem things.

So am I. (I’m thinking together we’re a creative force of nature!)

I’m Tracie Nichols, coach, mentor, and sister outside-the-box dweller.

About Tracie Nichols

I’ve been where you’re standing, carrying much the same luggage. “I know how you feel.” isn’t just a platitude. It’s the common ground where we meet and the anchor that keeps our explorations relevant.

Ten years ago I opened my first body-centered practice helping women survivors of abuse recover their sense of belonging and wholeness. It was one of the most humbling and rewarding experiences, ever.

But, keeping the business bits of the practice going using conventional business methods felt like I kept stepping into someone else’s skin. {{shudder}}

All the time and money I put into classes, webinars, even coaching didn’t work because my body wisdom kept being left at the door. I spent a lot of time swinging between “I’m a failure.” and “Wait! There’s hope!” feeling really alone and a little bit crazy. After three years I was exhausted, had lost my confidence, and finally closed my doors. Doing that hurt. A lot.

Still, I knew I had something uniquely mine and truly important to offer. So, I persisted.

It took me several more tries – and face-plants – to realize that the problem wasn’t what I was doing, how good I was, or even my gift of high sensitivity.

The problem was what this culture had taught me about the practice of business.

I believed I needed to keep my body wisdom out of the business side of my practice. I believed I needed to shout to be heard. I believed I needed to conform – to somehow be inside and outside the box all at once. Crazymaking.

Here’s what I know:

The work you do is essential, and I want you to thrive. To stay in love with it.

“Thank you so much for helping me tweak my teaching style and offerings! I am learning so much about myself and have gotten closer to accepting my quirks in a way that can help others. I love your compassionate style of teaching and sharing insights!” Svetlana Gradess

Who you are actually makes you a natural at doing what a business needs to thrive:

  • Cultivating genuine connections.
  • Listening well.
  • Meeting client’s needs with integrity.
  • Tending the garden of your community.

When we guide our work from our ancient body wisdom, we’re helping turn the tide in our culture from greed toward kindness.

Our go, go, go, push, push, push, culture doesn’t make that easy.

It can be stomach-clenching to look for help with meeting new clients or filling classes, only to find cookie cutter solutions that don’t fit.

What we need to create together is a framework of business practices as easy and intuitive to use as things are when you’re with a client. Make sense?

Once that framework is in place, suddenly it feels like you’ve just taken off the most uncomfortable bra you’ve ever worn.

Up for a little liberation of your own? Sign up for my “Notes From The Field” newsletter.  Body-wise, nature-informed resources, strategies and inspiration for you.

And, things start to flow organically. Things like…

  • Finding new clients
  • Networking
  • Social media marketing
  • Creating a schedule for things your business needs you to do
  • Putting client agreements and policies into place
  • Setting pricing

“I think something worth mentioning for me has been the ease of the sessions and the deep connection I have felt to you throughout the work. I am not typically a phone person because I often feel very disconnected during calls and that distracts me. I have never felt that way during our calls. I feel like you’re in the room with me. I don’t feel the need to fill the air. Because you respect silence, check in, and are attuned to shifts in energy, tone, or dialogue I never feel alone. I feel emotionally, energetically, and physically supported during our calls despite the fact that we are in different physical locations.” Brittiney George, Somatic Therapist and Movement Practitioner

Working with me feels like chatting with a really supportive friend who knows lots of things you’d like to know.

When we work together we’ll be standing on the foundation of my 10 years experience – three as a massage therapist – running my own practice guided by my body wisdom, using a nature-informed approach to business building.

We’ll be drawing on my graduate degree and expertise in human and organizational transformation and my certification as a career services provider.

We’ll be leaning into what I’ve learned about organizational change, systems theory, and nature-guided wisdom from two sheroes, Margaret J. Wheatley and Terry Tempest Williams.

Dipping into the well of voices – some known, some not – who have influenced and enlightened me about what it means to be a woman, who is different, who wants to make a difference: Gloria Anzaldúa, Barrie Jaeger, Ph.D., Dr. Elaine Aron, Margaret Loebenstein, David Abram, Fritjof Capra, Mary Oliver, Nayyirah Waheed, Pam Slim, Jo Casey, Kelly Diehls, Linda Welsh, Cassandra Ketterer (beloved aunt) my mother and my daughter, to name those who stand out in my heart, now.

Occasionally we’ll reference the 15 years I spent in corporate sales and marketing (but not too often).

I’ll be in your corner, helping you persist when change gets uncomfortable, teaching you the business ropes, supporting you as you try them out and find the ones that best fit your business.

There will be honesty, kindness and laughter. Possibly aromatherapy. Maybe a nature metaphor or two….or three.

Being body-wise, highly sensitive (HSP) and multipotentialed (Renaissance Soul), I’m good at structuring our time together so it’s body-wise, HSP and multipotentialite friendly.

We meet by video chat, which means you can be in a comfortable, familiar environment and reduce your carbon footprint (yay! No driving.)

Questions? Curious? Think working together might be a good thing but not quite sure? Let’s have tea!
Tea with Tracie

For credentials and other groovy stuff … check this page out.

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