One of the greatest joys and honors of supporting people in their careers and lives is when they tell me their success story, and share how our work together played a role in that success.

I so deeply appreciate every person who has trusted me to walk with them. You’re courageous change-makers, all of you!

Tracie, thank you so much for our session. The insights that came during our session sparked a chain reaction that has been nothing less than life-altering. At 47 years old, I finally came to see that what has always been “weird” and “different” about me is the exact gift I have brought to the world. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. It was truly a turning point in my life.

Sandra Gardiner

A turning point in my life…

Tracie’s insight, resourcefulness, compassion, and intuitive ability to meet people where they are and help them envision and move towards where they want to be make her an excellent coach. Plus, she’s just a super cool person to be around 😊. 

Marissa Polselli, Wordtree, LLC

An excellent coach…

Thank you for the beauty, ease, information, and inspiration you brought to the day. It was lovely – and the women absolutely LOVED the retreat.

Elizabeth Venart

Thank you for your support and genuine caring during the past few months. It is amazing how you listened to my words and saw the thoughts behind them. You taught me that the process is joyful, not scary or intimidating.

I believe now that I am a wise woman, and that I am important and I have something valuable to offer other people. I have many resources to help me continue my journey. I don’t have words to express how grateful I am.

Judy Cohen

Tracie, the way you guided us through this whole process of transformation was amazing. We got to see what limits us, our strengths, to witness each other in the process, to connect with nature, to really feel things in our bodies and then to create a workable plan of actions to take immediately.

I see myself with the strength and tools to be successful in my desire to teach and mentor others.

Maryann T.

I have to say….I’ve worked with Tracie Nichols and it is an amazing, productive and profound journey. I recommend her highly!!!

Tracy Povey McGovern, Essential Connections

Productive and profound…

Oh, Tracie! I have just read your words… what a wonderful piece. All things will speak to me today because of your insights. Thank you.

Rene Jalbert

This was a truly eye-opening experience. I had to look deep inside myself and find what I need or want I lacked in my life that has caused me to lack the joy I want. I’ve found that with communication with others who feel the same things, I am able to formulate a plan of action to push myself forward to make my life more joyous and fulfilling.

Sarah Traverse

I will say, unequivocally, that I gained a new outlook on my life that still remains 5 months later after my listening session with Tracie Nichols. Her gift is profound….

Sue O’Kieffe

{For you. From a heart bursting with gratitude.}

Tracie, I’m tempted to say that since our mentoring sessions, I’m a new person. But that’s not quite true. What I am, thanks to your profound gift for ever so gently guiding me to see what my heart already knows, is the real me – unstuck, no longer overwhelmed, making heart-centered choices and allowing my voice and my vision to be heard and seen.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me to acknowledge my inner wisdom, for always sharing just the right tools to feel grounded and supported as I worked through my doubts and fears.

I still laugh when I think about our first session, when you said we would work on “peeling away those layers of not good enough.” It’s so much easier to breathe and laugh and shine without those layers! You are a mirror made human, reflecting back to me my own radiance, and I am eternally grateful.

Liz Chesla MA, CYT, Body Language Yoga

The real me – unstuck…

“Years back I went to a community sound healing session with Tracie. After only 30 min I was amazed by how the trauma and stress that I had been carrying in my body for years had dissipated.  From that moment on, I knew that Tracie was gifted.

Since that time, I have worked with Tracie in a number of ways. She developed aromatherapy blends for my psychotherapy clients, which I use daily. The majority of my clients use her blends and find them to be very powerful for increasing self-compassion, combating anxiety and increasing grounding and assertion.

I have also had several mentoring sessions with Tracie which have dramatically and very quickly changed my life. I literally went into a session feeling disorganized and overwhelmed, unable to deal with organizing anything in my house, to that day cleaning and organizing as I never have before.

She has helped me tremendously to access my spiritual connection which greatly influences my professional work. Tracie is incredibly gifted and helps others to connect to nature, to spirt and to their own inner light. I recommend her on a regular basis.” Dr. Jodi Schwartz-Levy, The Healing Arts Studio

Very quickly changed my life…