Nothing living lives alone

I was paging through a book I love and was paused by this: … in this participative universe, nothing living lives alone. Everything comes into form because of relationship. We are constantly called to be in relationship — to information, people, events, ideas, life. Even reality is created through our participation in relationships. We choose […]

Sometimes it really is all too much…and that’s OK.

I originally published this article in January of 2012, after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Back then I was a life and business coach. Certainly my current work of facilitating writing workshops has me holding space for folks in a different way, but vicarious trauma can happen to anyone in any line of […]

An unexpected conversation

Today I sat in community and nourishing conversation with independent business women, artists, solo practitioners—sisters in entrepreneurial endeavors. I brought with me my struggle with overwhelm and a question about finding and tending the energy needed to do my work with passion and integrity. I’m so glad I did. It was such a good conversation. […]

moving with the stirring stillness

Spring is here whispering in my ear about possibilities and growing and how much she (somehow, I always think of spring as a young woman) loves waking up after a nice, long sleep.  She’s so close, you know. Closer than the still monochrome landscape reveals. She loves this bit. The almost-ness of it. The yearning. […]


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Hi, I’m Tracie. Previously a life and business coach, now I devote my days to my first love—words. When I’m not writing poetry, I spend most of my time copyediting and proofreading for other word-loving people. This blog offers an eclectic mix of posts touching on nature, resilience, women, writing practices, and, of course, poetry.

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