Remembering Breath: and how much I needed a quiet morning

after days of fuss and stir, after being breathed on and pushed along by ant-hill crowds, in a flurry of hurry move shove bruise— to land. here. washed in birdsong. this sweet, small back and forth. held by the tiny, daily rebirth that is morning. What’s “Remembering Breath” all about? A daily devotion. A reverence…

Full contact listening—writing about it keeps me resilient

When I was little, I was convinced the old white pine tree next to our home and the puffy clouds in the sky were telling each other the most amazing stories. I thought that if I could just figure out the right way to listen, I’d be able to hear them.  Tell me. You’re so…

Remembering Breath—and tiny bringers of wonder

You and I and soft wet air—skin of our skin— and a thousand tiny here and gone lights rise pale and yellow, blur constellations, separate stars from mythologies, repaint the night with mystery and leave wonder in their phosphorescent wake. What’s “Remembering Breath” all about? A daily devotion. A reverence of words remembering elemental kindness.…

Remembering Breath and trusting fire on the Summer Solstice

The quietest exultation slow spins the wave of me— dip undulate pull rise (long, slow breath) I have space enough to… to… … Trust, fire says. Trust what you have planted. What’s “Remembering Breath” all about? A daily devotion. A reverence of words remembering elemental kindness. I’ll be publishing these “reverences of words” here every…


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