Starting Over ... Again? |

Starting Over … Again?

Almost one year ago I chose to step back and reevaluate who I wanted to be professionally. I dove into this process because - despite successfully supporting my clients through empowering changes in self-perception, and in how they lived their lives - the purpose of my business felt murky, and my identity as a practitioner felt … Continue reading Starting Over … Again?

The best TLC

Sometimes the most important things can be said in a few sentences. We are clearer, happier, more effective practitioners when we feel connected. We build our bridges of connection through our senses. Our senses need nourishment so they can continue connecting. Scent is the most direct way to nourish our senses. Come to Scent of … Continue reading The best TLC

Monday Moorings: finding your groove = finding your way

We spend every day awash in natural rhythms. Inner rhythms like our heartbeat and breathing. Crossover inner/outer rhythms like our sleep/awake cycle influenced by the planetary rhythm of day/night, and ecosystem rhythms like ocean tides and seasons. Each of us feels the effects of these rhythms uniquely. Some may be comforting, some calming, and some … Continue reading Monday Moorings: finding your groove = finding your way