after tangerine and raspberry mellowing to lemon and lavender that moment when the pale eye of the winter sun rotates into view --- anticlimax --- almost as if the fire and ice borderlands of dawn and dusk are where the true magic happens Daily Poem Project 2018 - day 3 What does poetry have to … Continue reading anticlimax


glittering waves skirt window edges break across glass beachheads fracture into fiery galaxies painting possibilities ---infinite points of wonder--- across my earth and fire eyes Daily Poem Project 2018 - 1 day ... 1 poem ... 365 days What does poetry have to do with business and career coaching? Acts of creativity spark non-linear thinking. … Continue reading Frost

Being an HSP, multipotentialed entrepreneur

Doing some project planning, I looked at my upcoming events and YIKES! is there a lot happening. Events and classes to facilitate; projects to develop, self-care practices to practice... It's joyous tangle of quiet creativity and sharing what I've created with people. I both LOVE and DREAD when my work finds this rhythm. My multipotentialed self is … Continue reading Being an HSP, multipotentialed entrepreneur