Body of Business

There’s this new service I’m crafting and it feels rich and fertile and … different. Maybe not in what we’re exploring, but definitely in how we explore. And definitely in the results folks walk away with.

It’s an ecosystem of body-wise, nature-informed, practices and resources in the form of coaching and workshops and some other non-traditional methods. Probably a six to nine month journey. Possibly in community. Perhaps just you and me.

Practical, because … bills to pay and whatnot.

Magical, because … you.

Doing everything organically – differently – you-ly.

Business practices becoming sacred practices.

Your body wisdom and your ecosystem becoming your Advisory Board.

So that doing the muggly mundane parts of your business feeds you nearly as much as your client work does.

So you stop feeling the “aaarrrggghhh” of trying to be inside and outside the box at the same time.

So everything you do for your business flows as easily as that thing you do that’s always felt effortless. Because some day you might want to use that energy to grow …. add something new …. have an even more intriguing life.

I don’t know all the details … yet. That’s where you come in.

I’m having conversations now with practitioners who are intrigued so I can assemble the best – most helpful – experience possible. What do you think? Have a few minutes?

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